Ocean Calling – Desert Sky Scarlet

Check out the crazy magical music video for my new song, Desert Sky Scarlet. The video was shot over two weeks, on the most incredible roadtrip adventure. ❤


thoughts: wanderlust (and letting go)

“actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…”


explore, love, give, grow. nourish your soul, your spirituality, your flow. just go. see, feel, know, the magic in the every day, all the small and quiet miracles, innumerable, immeasurable in their intricacy. relish in your intrinsic inquisitiveness, you can go farther than you’ve ever fathomed, even in your wildest imagination. you are as ancient as all this earth, and now is your cosmic rebirth.

we are the wild-eyed youth, and there is wonder to be found.

live frugally, live fervantly, endlessly roaming and feverous in your ferocity, everywhere-bound, spell-bound, backpack laden and camera-in-hand. dust-covered, you tread new and unknown ground. travel is a temptress, and she swirls saffron, scarlet, stardust, satin. she won’t give you up so easily. so, swim naked in salt water, slither through the hustle of night markets, roam through mist and myths, sip steaming cups of peppermint tea, lay down in the long grass, and make radical alterations. give in to your wanderlust, exile yourself into the very outskirts of some snow-tinged wilderness, endure enough suffering to make you compassionate, to make you kind, and always grateful, and sleep where you can, frail with fatigue, under moth-eaten patchwork tapestries, fraying at the edges, on concrete floors, in vans, trains, hammocks, tents, bunk beds, nestled under that eternal oil-paint canvas, silky blues, silver, inky black. let simplicity enchant you, let nature’s sanctuary surround you, defy the logical structure of colour, and sound, and let the evening light sculpt you. relinquish the fragments of whatever haunts you to the pink-set horizon, cast them out to the mountains, your new eyes now knowing, and unlearn fear, live with abandon, rejoice, let go.